Mobile Marketing Services by Kotapride in India

Mobile Marketing Services in India

Every year the reach of mobile expands and impacts our lives in more ways. The spread of mobile devices is changing not only consumer lifestyles, but also business strategy.

Although the industry is immense, it is not at all homogenous, with differing devices, networks, services and consumer behaviors throughout the world. This detailed report from Deloitte provides an interesting look at the current state and important trends in the global mobile industry.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing
According to Search Engine Journal, a Study found that 57% of the U.S. population owns a Smartphone and “are spending an average of two hours per day on their mobile devices.” I think we are all well aware of the role mobile devices play in our day-to-day lives. This explains why marketers are targeting mobile devices with their advertisements. As far as benefits go, mobile marketing:

Allows you to reach a highly targeted market
Has a much lower CPM (cost per thousand impressions) than other traditional marketing channels
Generates a higher response rate
Reaches your audience anywhere, anytime

kotapride mobile marketing strategies for small businesses that actually drive traffic
If you want to drive traffic to your site, you need to put together a comprehensive plan that incorporates mobile marketing strategies for small businesses.

1. Location-based marketing
If your small business has a mobile app, you can use location-based marketing techniques kotapride like to market to mobile users in a specific area. This is especially useful for small businesses that have brick-and-mortar stores. It can also be practical for ecommerce sites that offer local recommendations, like food delivery or travel services.

2. Responsive site design
You want your website, mobile ads, and marketing content to be more than just mobile friendly—you want them to be mobile optimized.

Mobile optimization of your website can triple your chance of increasing mobile conversion rates to 5% or more, yet only 35% of companies use it. Almost half of all websites with mobile optimization feature responsive design.

In addition to responsive site design, there are a few other tactics that you can use to optimize your website. The most common ways to optimize your website are mobile-specific development platforms, building HTML5 into your site, and using adaptive design.

3.Mobile-friendly content
Mobile optimization generally refers to elements of your site infrastructure. That isn’t the same thing as being mobile friendly, though. Consuming content on mobile devices is different than on a desktop.

You want shorter sentences, engaging headers, and relevant media, like high-quality images and videos. People are more likely to skim through content, so make it easy for them to do that.

When you’re creating videos, you can use captions to help keep people engaged. Most people—85% of them—play videos on Facebook without any sound. Captions let you get your message across, even when the audio is on mute.

4.Text message marketing
A successful text message campaign starts with giving people the chance to opt in to future messages. Three-quarters of people have no problem receiving SMS messages from companies they love, and 90% of people read those messages within three minutes of receiving them. That means text messages have astronomical open rates—people read almost 100% of text messages.

When it comes to using text messaging in your mobile marketing strategies, digital coupons are an effective technique. Coupons people receive via text message are used ten times more often than coupons from other sources.

5.Videos and GIFs
Gone are the days of reading through wordy messages in your inbox. People want content that’s amusing and easy to digest, which makes videos and GIFs primary candidates for improving mobile strategies.

Nearly 75% of people prefer to watch a video when learning about a new product, regardless of how much time it takes.
Tips for using mobile marketing strategies for small businesses

To see the most success from your marketing efforts, you need to put together a comprehensive plan that incorporates several mobile marketing strategies for small businesses. While your ecommerce site may not need all of these tactics, the right ones can improve your conversion rates.

Rather than sticking with one marketing channel, a multichannel approach can bring you greater success. Use these guidelines for integrating mobile marketing strategies into your multichannel marketing plan:

List segmentation: a segmented list can drive traffic to the right landing pages and products.
Email automation: an automated campaign gets to your subscribers at the right time.
Campaign optimization: an optimized campaign uses social media, email marketing, and digital ads to reach potential customers.
With the right tools, you can set up a fully functional digital campaign that sends emails on the right day and cross-posts them to social media platforms.

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