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Kota is one of the industrial hubs in northern India, with chemical, engineering and power plants based there. Kota has a distinctive style of painting. The Crosthwaite Institute is located in Kota, as are old and new palaces of the Maharao (the maharajahs). Along the eastern bank of the Chambal River lies Kota – an amazing juxtaposition of the majestic medieval age and modern industrialisation temples its untouched wealth of impressive forts, opulent palaces and splendid temples dating back over several centuries retain the past glory, the present day edifices and heavy industries have made it the industrial heartland of Rajasthan.
Kota is the home of Kota stone, sand stone, Kota Sarees, kachori, and coachings.

Places of interest

Kota is home to a large number of Temples and Gurudwaras, some of which date back to the medieval period. Notable places of worship include: Godavari Dham ,Agamgarh Saheb Gurudwara, Khare Ganesha, Tirupati Balaji, Karneshwar, Shivpuri Dham, Radha Krishna, Rangbari Balaji, Mathureshji, Radhakrishna Temple. A part of the irrigation canal system on the Chambal River, this beautiful setting is ideal for outings and evening strolls.
The commanding fort stands overlooking the modern Chambal Valley Project with its many dams- Kota Barrage, Gandhi Sagar, Rana Pratap Sagar and Jawahar Sagar. An old palace,dating back to the time when Kota was under the control of Hada Chieftaincy-Hadoti faces the Kota Barrage. Other noteworthy edifices of the bygone era are the Brij Raj Bhawan Palace, Jag Mandir and island Palace, a splendid haveli (mandion) with beautiful frescoes and the royal cenotaphs.
Gumanpura, Kotri Road and shopping centre area near Aerodrome circle are the largest shopping spots in the city.


Kota is the only city in India which has all 4 different types of power stations – thermal, hydro, gas and nuclear. The major industries include DCM Sriram Consolidated Limited (DSCL), Instrumentaion Limited, Multimetals Limited, Samtel Glass Limited, Birla Cement, CFCL (Chambal Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd), Sriram Fertilizers and Metal India (in the agricultural sector), Rajendra Engineering Works (, Kota (manufacturer of wide range of technical products for processing plants.( Engg. Works as an oldest manufacturer of stone tumbling machines, yard rampes, multi purpose trollys, water cum storage tanks and implements in Rajasthan, established in 1972.Rajendra Engineering Works made India’s first machine to produce mustard pungent oil without Kachhi Ghani). Kota has one of the India’s largest cluster industry of welding rods. Kota is also emerging as a Dairy center with 3 major private players in Dairy farming..


Kota is a prominent city of the state of Rajasthan. It was formerly princely city in the state and is rich in historical heritage. Since the independence Kota has grown into a major industrial hub in the state. The People of Kota are known as industrious in nature. People living there belong to different faith and religions. Most of the people belong to Hindu religion while the people of Muslim, Jain and Christian are also found living there. Some tribal communities are also found inhabiting the nearby place of Kota for long time.
People in urban parts of Kota are largely engaged in industrial activities. Rajasthani is widely spoken language of Kota. Hindi and English are other languages spoken by some people in Kota. Rajasthani language is spoken in its various dialects like Mewari, Marawari and Hadauti etc. People of Kota are known for their colorful traditional costumes. A wide gathered Ghagra or Lehenga (skirt), long choli with its sleeves covering forearms and multiple jewelries serve together as the traditional outfit of women of Kota. The people of Kota celebrate all major festival with much fanfare. Festivals here provide the occasion when visitors can have close look at the rich culture and traditions of Kota.


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