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social media marketing in india
In one word we can say that future of social media marketing in India is “BRIGHT”

India is more than a continent (India’s approx. population is 135 crores/ 1.35 billion. Africa’s approx. 129 crores/ 1.29 billion. We aren’t even talking of the land area!) squeezed into an area which is just right for a country.
Mean age of population: 28 years for the next 25-30 years
Positive facts about Kotapride which promote the cause of social media marketing in India:

1. Create Brand Recognition
2. Increases Sales
3. Measuring Success with Analytics
4. Discover How To Connect With Your Audience Using Social Listening
5. Cost-Effective
6. Helps you get Marketplace insights
7. Higher Conversion Rate
8. Better Customer Satisfaction
9. Improves Brand Loyalty
10. Increases Brand Authority
11. Increases Inbound Traffic
12. Increases Brand Awareness
13. Tell Your Brand’s Story
14. Collect Data From Audience Research To Improve
15. Use Social Media to Remarket Your Audience
Putting together these facts bring out one thing: That India has every reason to make digital marketing and promotion the most sought-after service in the country. We have all the positives and the negatives which are reason enough to make it viable for social media marketing very successful within the country. Some of the indications besides the facts above are:

Presence of the largest base of mobile-phone users who can be converted with the right impressions and impetus. And the best way to go about is to tap social media.
Mobile telephony going the 5G way which is poised to bring the biggest revolution in communication ever
Use of solutions such as big data and AI is making accesses to social-media very easy. Voice activation, gesture activation,multiple-language activation remains some of the ways by which sites can be accessed. Even a person without a formal education can in days to come, accesses social media effectively and use the same to his/ her advantage. So too the old and the infirm whose reach gets restricted due to physical handicap.

Use of live-videos! If not the social-media, where else! It started with You-tube and today its all over the place. Social media helps having live videos as the connect quality when with live feed is way higher than with stale stuff! About 95% of marketers on social media want to use this feature!

If it’s about marketing, the best way to sell is to make the customer aware of all the possibilities that exist when using the product. And that is exactly where AR comes in. From realty to cars to investments, AR can add the extra bit by informing clients about what their acquisition would bring them!

India is a large country with the largest concentration of the most diverse set of customs and languages. Try putting one person to deal with such diversity and either the person leaves or the person goes mad. There is another option. Have more than one person per state and culture. What you get in the end, is a never-ending mess! With AI coming to the rescue chat-bots are the next best thing. In time, it shall speak various languages and understand everything about every culture making India’s marketing efforts rather easy. And chatbots are now the latest on social media!

As for the benefits which social-media marketing brings to India in the present and shall bring in the future shall include:

It’s is the cheapest way to enter the domain of such a huge group of people simultaneously.It helps both locally and globally! Indian markets are both local and global. And global it can move from the experiences it has gathered locally! And helping it capture both these markets with high speed and equal efficiency is the medium of social media!

It helps not only sell products, services and ideas but also makes people thought leaders and influencers. Anyone not wanting to get into selling can also be part of social media and make a presence.

It connects people from diverse background without the fear of being judged on the basis of physical traits and histories. People become just people on social media who can share their ideas, concerns and interests in neutral setting.

But doing marketing on social media is not the easy thing for every one as it seems to be. one need an experienced and a professional expert to promote business on various social media platforms.

Kota pride is a leading digital marketing agency providing social media marketing services to all businesses to gain as much as possible from these social media platforms. Promoting campaigns by both paid and organic methods.

We Provide

-Social media channels managed by professional social media experts
-Social Media Activities Daily Reports to Clients
-Choose from monthly social media marketing packages.
-Get a dedicated social media manager.
-Transparent Action Plan
-Power to customers to diversify and modify campaigns according to needs.
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