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Thanks for your enquiry in our digital marketing services for promotion of your website & goggle listing.

we are quoting the price of our promotional package .

OCM = (online classified marketing)

ISM = (internet search marketing)

Time duration is 45 days :- ( work done by our kotapride team)

1.promote your google  listing.

2. promote your website on front page .

3. Sharing your social media  pages  & profiles.

4.Listing of your profiles ,content & key words on all local websites .

5. Content & key words creating.

6. Reviews on your listings

   Terms :-

  • One package of Rs.11000/ is for 45 days
  • work done in 45 days is listed parmanently

for more details visit 

youtube =

website =,

follow us on facebook :- 1.


google map =


address = 188 shastri nagar behind brijwasi mishthan  bhandar dadabari kota rajasthan


mobile no. 8875413088

digital marketing course in kota rajasthan

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join our digital marketing course with practical training and Free consultancy for Startups We have started the ” course and training classes for internet marketing in kota” with all practical knowledge of field marketing. Batch is of 42Hrs. Websoftcreation in kota is providing the Digital marketing practical session courses with certificate. The course provides students a thorough understanding of digital marketing concepts with the help of practical projects, customers Requirement studies and provide the better Results to clients in the form of more sales and more customers.


Starter Package


Course fee: Rs 15,000/-
1. Awareness of Internet.
2. Knowledge of Digital Marketing.
3. Use of Digital Marketing in career.
4. Freelancer (work from home concept).
5. Knowledge of Search Engines Websites and Internet Browsers.
6.Personal and Professional or business mail:
• Email
• Gmail
• Web mail
7. Social Media Marketing Strategy:
• Facebook ads
• Facebook page
• Groups
• Posts
• Instagram ads
• YouTube ads
• Twitter ads
• LinkedIn ads
8. Mobile Marketing Strategy:
• Campaigning
• Awareness
9. Blog creation and Posting.
10. Bulk SMS Marketing.
11. Voice call Marketing through Audio.
12. Email Marketing through Business mail.
13. Knowledge of Domain and Hosting.
14. Practical Knowledge.
15. Google listing and Add my business on search engine.
16. Affiliated and Referral Marketing .
17. Types of websites:
• Static
• Dynamic
• E-commerce
• LMS website
18. ORM(online review marketing).
19. Analytics Strategy.
20. SEO with PPC with SMO.
21. Inbound and Outbound Marketing.
22. OCM classified listing on local website.
23. Keywords and Admin panel.
24. OBP- online business profile with practices.
25. How to start your own startup.
* Special:
1. How to handle customers for their promotion activities?
2. How to provide quotations and prices to your clients?
3. Guidance for promoting to catch clients?
4. Presentation skills to get positive results.

digital marketing in kota for play school

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Magical Promotional Package For Business

Be a part of digital platform and give elevate to your business and grow your customer.

We Kota pride online marketing services provide best promotion services on digital platform and give you a positive approach to your business. We provide website and listing of your business.

We can convert your local company to a brand through special marketing      campaigns…

Our services

  • Online listing with classified contents of your business.
  • Social media campaigns with content in our pages.
  • Online searching on google and make it search on top. (ISM)
  • Report regularly.
  • Panel creation of whatsapp and bulk sms with DLT registration.
  • 10000 bulk sms and whatsapp.
  • Create your mini website for lifetime.
  • Online search marketing on local website.
  • Magnetic marketing strategy.
  • Review marketing with google map.
  • OCM (online classified marketing)
  •  CSM (content searching marketing).

 Package started form just

With duration 1 year -34,999\-

Duration 1 year with (smart magnet website) – 44,999\-

Terms & conditions

  • Any changes to be done in project has to informed by the client well in advance.
  • Free website maintenance and content changes.
  • Payment 50% advance.
  • DLT registration as government rule.


Thanks and Regards

For price and any query call us on – 9828036274

E mail us :

Address: 621,dadabari main road ,above airtel office ,opposite AU bank


Bank details                  

Bank name : Andhra Bank

Account No: 180511100001006

A\c Holder Name:

A\c type: current

IFSC Code: ANDB0001805


Our Company Registration Details

EM Number – 080302100997

UAN Number – Rj24D0003215

BR Number – 8006030046000459


We wish your dream come true with our best facilities.

                                                                                               Thank you

Digital Marketing, Hansvi Marketing Kota

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Why Digital Marketing?

With the change and evolution of modern technologies, small and medium business are doing everything they can to keep up, which can be said true for the rest of human society. Brick-and-mortar businesses are either changing their business models to an online one, or beefing up existing marketing efforts with Digital marketing strategies – in an attempt to capture a growing and very lucrative online marketplace.

For it is the process of attracting targeted audiences online that will spell the difference between a successfully thriving business – and a failed one. Even if you receive tons of daily traffic to your website, they would not amount to anything unless they convert to leads or sales. In the digital arena where business and commerce are heading to, Digital Marketing tools and techniques provide business owners the best chances for competition, survival and even business growth.

The following reasons will show you why the use of digital marketing is not only investment-wise decision but also an effective marketing channel that can help you grow your business.

  •  Digital Marketing Is More Cost-Effective than Traditional Marketing

Small businesses have very little resources and even capitalization. This is why Digital Marketing provides them with a better and much more cost-effective marketing channel that delivers results. Various digital marketing report highlighted that up to 40% of respondents claimed getting considerable savings by using digital marketing methods of promotion for their products and services.

hansvi marketing kota


That is why according to the survey, 28% of business owners surveyed will shift marketing budget allocations from traditional media channels and invest them into digital online marketing tools and techniques.

  •  Digital Marketing Delivers Conversion

Businesses marketing products and services online measure success by the percentage rate of incoming traffic gets converted into leads, subscribers or sales, depending on the intended purposes of your website. Without conversion, all your traffic would mean nothing and all your marketing efforts will simply go to waste. That is why business owners are streamlining their digital marketing campaigns towards conversion optimization, making it a top priority above everything else.

There are several tools and techniques that you can use for your digital marketing campaign such as Search Engine Optimization, social media marketing and email marketing.

  •  Digital Marketing Helps Generate Better Revenues

Higher conversion rates generated by effective digital marketing techniques will deliver loads of profitable benefits for you and your business in terms of better and higher revenues. There are many case studies which confirms this various businesses, claiming 2.8 times better revenue growth expectancy for companies using these strategies to those who do not.

With better revenue growth expectancy, small and medium enterprises using digital marketing techniques will have 3.3 times better chances of expanding their workforce and business – opening their doors to better, larger and farther reaching markets both locally and abroad. Google’s Asia-Pacific Head of SME Kevin O’Kane describes the Internet as rocket fuel for growth for small and medium enterprises.

  •  Digital Marketing Facilitates Interaction with Targeted Audiences

One of the reasons why digital marketing is taking over traditional marketing channels is the ability of Internet marketing tools to interact with targeted audiences in real time. Engagement in any form is what your customers expect to receive when interacting with your brand or business. How your business handles such engagements and interactions will spell the difference between business success and failure.

Interacting and providing your customers with proper engagement points can give you an insight of what your targeted audiences want. This vital information will steer you towards making the right set of next moves, provide your customers with an even better experience, develop good relationships with them – gaining their loyalty and trust that you will need when your business begins to grow.

  •  Digital Marketing Builds Brand Reputation

The power of digital marketing lies in its ability for attracting targeted traffic. These types of audiences for your content are most likely already ready to know more about your brand, products or services and may be interested enough to purchase what you have to offer. Delivering on what you promised will help you develop a better relationship with your targeted audiences, help them transition into paying customers that will go back and interact with your site some more – on a regular and continuous basis.

This will prove beneficial for your brand reputation, as satisfied customers will most likely tell other people about their experience with your brand, product or service. Your brand reputation will go viral as expected, further opening new doors of opportunities for reaching bigger markets and attain business growth.

  •  Digital Marketing Provides better ROI for Your Marketing Investments

With better revenues and better branding, This can provide a better Return of Investments (ROI) than traditional media and marketing channels. With traditional media, the cost is too exorbitant for small and medium enterprises to leverage on, and the results received are somewhat vague and difficult to measure.

hansvi marketing kota

Digital Marketing on the other hand can easily be tracked and monitored, with results immediately realized and measured as soon as targeted audiences provide contact information, subscribe to a newsletter or training program, or make a purchase. The key to success in internet marketing however is to generate a steady flow of targeted traffic that converts into sales and leads. The more your business generates this kind of traffic, the faster you can realize your ROI.

  •  Digital Marketing Ensures Business Survival Online

It is a normal occurrence for brick-and-mortar business establishments to encounter visitors entering their store, skimming through and inspecting products, then leave without buying anything. Many kinds of people like these come and go, but a targeted few will actually make a purchase and if satisfied, will come back for more on a later date. If you get less of the later and more of the few, sooner or later your brick-and-mortar business will cease to exist.

Your business can be likened to this. Even if you have tons of website visitors but none of them ever convert, your  business will also cease to exist. Online Marketing helps you make use of proven strategies and techniques that attract not necessarily more traffic – but highly targeted traffic  that delivers results. Targeting the right kind of people that delivers the right kind of results is what Digital Marketing is all about – ensuring survival for your business.

Hansvi Marketing kota

Digital marketing use proven strategies and techniques to help you attract necessary more traffic along with highly targeted traffic that delivers results. Digital marketing helps to target the right audience at the right time to help growing any business.

Hansvi Marketing, Kota provide all Digital Marketing services under one roof and provide complete 360 degree online marketing solutions for its clients. We have an experienced team of professionals to carry out all kind of internet marketing projects. For more details and services you can reach us

Hansvi Marketing

Mob: +91-8306707911



Hansvi Marketing,Kota< Rajasthan

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Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)

Search engine optimization one of the basic method of marketing in web marketing world. Get your #website# rank on the top of different search engines. Your product and services get more attention by #targeted clients. Complete #keywordresearch. Best content of your required products to rank higher on search engine result pages. Grow your business by making them available to vast audience organically.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes your website

#SERP friendly, #contentcreation, #keyword selection after research, customized #Metadescription, better tag selection,

We provide digital marketing services like #affiliatemarketing, #PPC, #Content marketing, #SMM(Social Media marketing), #mobilemarketing,

Hansvi Marketing, Kota provide complete SEO services at the best competitive rates from market to our clients and complete satisfactory services to our clientele.

For More Details Contatc

Hansvi Marketing,Kota



Hansvi Digital Marketing in kota Rajasthan

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In today’s technological era internet has now become the intergral part of professional as well as personal lifes of people. Almost every person is connected to internet by various modes. Hansvi Marketing Kota is providing services to advertise and promote business through digital marketing.

Hansvi Marketing kota, provide various services like website design and development, bulk sms services, domain and hosting services, online classified advertisement, App Development, E-commerce solutions, affiliate marketing. With all this services we help our client’s to advertise their business for better promotion. we also help our client’s to develop a good content about their product and services so that people get accurate knowledge from the content.

Hansvi Marketing in kota, is working with a vision to provide digital identity to all kind of business. Which helps them to connect with their audiences and client’s directly and make their business process easy and hassle free. To know more about our services please feel free to connect us on the given contact details. All your queries are always welcomed.



Hansvi Marketing

Mob: +91-8306707911

Hansvi Marketing,kota,rajasthan

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Hansvi Marketing, Kota

Hansvi Marketing is a Digital Marketing company situated in kota, Rajasthan. Almost every person is connected to internet today and this has given a platform to connect buyers to sellers. This idea of marketing through internet is Digital Marketing. Where a businessman can advertise his business and various products in single click on Internet and connect to various customers at a time.

With this Idea of Online marketing, we at Hansvi Marketing are providing various services to our customer to Grow and expand their business through this online platform .

Our Vision:

  • To Develop and Create a Digital Platform for every category of business. Small or large, Home based, shop based any kind of business helping all to easily do their business through internet.

Our Mission:

  • To save papers and to save Environment by motivating people to use digital platforms and internet skills for doing Business.

Our services include

  • Bulk SMS
  • WhatsApp
  • Voice Call Services
  • Bulk E-Mail
  • E-Commerce Website Creation
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Any Type of Database
  • Social Media Marketing(SMM)
  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  • Digital Visiting Card
  • Toll-Free Services
  • Virtual No.
  • IVR
  • Whatsapp Marketing Software
  • Domain and Hosting provider
  • Online promotion through listing

For any type Digital marketing services and promoting your brand call now for IT solutions



Hansvi Marketing



Digital Marketing kota rajasthan

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Hansvi Marketing , Kota, Rajasthan

Website Design and development hansvi marketing kota

Search engine optimization,kota

Social media marketing, kota rajasthan

Facebook ads,kota

Google ads, kota rajasthan

Bulk sms panel,kota


Professional Digital Marketing Company providing online marketing services to generate inputs for any business. Hansvi Marketing Kota provide various Internet marketing services with website design and development, search engine optimization(SEO), Social Media Marketing(SMM), Bulk SMS Pannel, IVR/Toll Free services.

With use of Digital India vision now grow your business digitally with various digital platform. We at Hansvi marketing provide the complete 360 all-round advertisement and promotional methods and strategies for any business to rank them at top in search engines with attractive content creation about the product and services. Hansvi Marketing, kota also develop android app for businesses to make business available on the fingertips of every people.

For more Details Contact:

Hansvi Marketing




thermal paper roll in chawani gumanpura kota rajasthan

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Thermal paper roll, kota

Thermal paper roll provider in kota

All printing paper solution and thermal paper in kota

Provide all type of paper in thermal roll in chawani

Thermal paper roll in gumanpura, kota, rajasthan

Thermal roll near seven wonders

Printing stationary for ATM ,kotri chauraha, jhalawar road, kota

Paper roll for POS machine in kota

Thermal stationary for petrol pump

Thermal paper roll at kotri chauraha

Thermal Printing stationary in chavni, kota for malls.

Thermal paper roll near chaupati, gumanpura, kota rajasthan

Printing stationary material jhalawar road, kota

Thermal paper rolls for restaurants, shops,hotels, mart, billing machines, pos in chhavni kota

Thermal paper rolls of different size 55MM*15MTR thermal paper roll for price Rs 15 per piece, 55 MM* 20 MTR 55 gsm in kota rajasthan

career in digital marketing training  courses

kota pride is a digital marketing company in kota and provide digital marketing training courses in kota rajasthan

make your career in digital marketing training courses field and open your business company using digital marketing training course and earn profits after completion of digital marketing training course

Digital Marketing Training Courses Starter package – 11000/-

Digital Marketing professional Training Course package – 21000/-

For More Enquiry visit Our Office

Address – 621 Mukesh Plaza Near S.S Dairy Dadabari Main Road Kota

Contact – 98280-36274 , 98290-36274

Mail –

Website –

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