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kotapride digital marketing services in Dubai

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Digital Marketing Services in Dubai
Get your business listed on internet with online marketing services of kotapride in Abu Dhabi
Get smart magical tools of website design and development for your business in downtown dubai.
promote and advertise your product and services on social media platforms to built your own brand in Dubai, UAE
Connect to mass audience with kotapride mobile marketing services in UAE dubai to showcase company achievements and product information through mobile to keep your customers and client’s updated.
Connect to to various existing client’s in dubai to resolve their problems and query through IVR and toll free services.
If you are searching for customers online in dubai, go digital and work smartly with kotapride online marketing services.
Create magical website with search engine optimized(seo) and boost it with internet search marketing (ism ) strategy for growing profits.
searching for suitable clients for growing sales in dubai with our focus marketing and radiation marketing strategy.
Add impressive features in website to attract abundance with impact markeitng and triangular online marketing strategy.

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A Leading Digital Marketing Company In India
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Our Services
Bulk SMS Marketing || Whatsapp Marketing || Website Degining And Development || App Development || Email Marketing || Voice Call Marketing || Facebook Campaign || SEO
All Digital Marketing Services…


Are You A Student And looking towards Making a career in the Social Media Marketing.
Then Social Media Marketing Courses Will Help You a lot.
Course Duration – 45 days
Our course
* Facebook marketing Course in kota
* Instagram marketing  Course in kota
* Google  ads word Course in Kota
* Linkedin Marketing  Course in Kota
* tumblr marketing Course in Kota
* All Social media Marketing Course in kota
 Social Media Marketing  Course In kota
Facebook Marketing Course in Kota
 Coursew Duration – 45 Days
Price- 12000/-
Call Now – 9829036274, 6350621689,8003886402

Smart Magnetic Online marketing and advertisement strategy

RS 21,000/ Month


KotaPride is a leading digital marketing agency in Kota, Rajasthan. Delivering it’s services in field of online marketing since 2011 with a successful track record of project completion and campaign management. We have come up with “SMART MAGNETIC ONLINE MARKETING AND ADVERTISEMENT “ services for our client’s to help them promote their business and expand them around the corners of the world with the use of internet. Smart magnetic online marketing and advertisement strategy for businesses, school, and Educational Institutes.  

After doing a intensive study and marketing research we have come up with best option to attract customer with specialised marketing and advertisement package which covers

  • Promoting Your Website(S) and Brand Values
  • Helping Your Business in Attracting Customers Through Magnetic Strategy
  • Promote and Advertise your Services and Products on Internet
  • OCM – Online Classified Marketing Through Creative Contents and Keywords
  • Social Media Marketing through Platforms( Facebook, Youtube, Linkedln, Instagram…)
    • Creating Content for Social Media pages
    • Generating Attracting Posts
    • Promotion Through Paid Ads Campaign*
    • Sharing On Different Groups
  • Listing On Other Local Web Portals
  • Promotion On A Click Using Mobile Marketing**

Book Our Magnetic strategy package at Rs 21000 per month.

Order Now for smart growing.

Thanks And Regards


A Leading Digital Marketing Company In India

Call Us :- +91- 9828036274

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Bank Details
Bank Name: Union Bank
Account No: 180511100001006
A/c Holder Name:
A/c Type: Current
IFSC Code: UBIN0818054PAN NO.: ADJPC0107C




Social media marketing courseIn Kota  Facebook marketing Course In Kota Google adwords Course in Kota

Our Courses

* facebook Marketing Course In Kota

* Instagram Marketing course In Kota

* google Adwords Course In Kota

* Twitter marketing Course In Kota

* Tumblr marketing Course In Kota

* Linkedin Marketing Course In Kota

Go Online And Grow Your Business By Social Media Marketing In kota

Digital marketing course in kota

* google My Business course   in Kota

*  Content Marketing Coursein kota

* Local Online listing  coursein Kota







Social Media Marketing Course In Kota| Facebook Marketing course in kota | Instagram Marketing Course in Kota

All  social media Marketing Course in kota 

 *  Facebook marketing course in Kota 

* Instagram marketing Course In Kota 

* Google ads Course In Kota 

* tumblr  Marketing  coursein Kota

* Twitter ads Marketing In Course In Kota 

* Linkedin marketing Course in kota 

Go Online Grow Your Business By Social media Marketing In kota 

Rs- 12000/-   

Call Now – 9829036274 , 8875413088 , 6350621689, 8107388824


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social Media marketing In Kota | facebook ads | Instagram ads | google ads

Our Services In Kota

* all digital marketing services In kota
* facebook Ads
* Instagram ads
* Google ads
* website development
* Online Local Listing
* Social media marketing
* Email marketing
* Content writing
* web Search Engine
* Online clasified Adverting
* Ism ( Internet search marketing )
* Bulk Sms marketing in kota
* Facebook Group sharing

Call Us – 9829036274
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We are pleased to announce your online store in the form of E – commerce Website
Websoft creation kota will empower the customers to buy and sale genuine * Products* online through various digital payment modes on the website .Excited to announce that we will launching Cardless EMI Options on website soon.

Websoft creation kota serves 500+ Products & Solutions to various industry like Education, Banking , Retail , Printing , etc..

We provide features in our E-commerce with following features -
*Ease-to- Search*
- Search Products based on Brands
- Search Products based on Categories
- Search Products based on most viewed by other customers

*4-Steps Easy Checkout*
- Add to Cart
- Register Your Free Account
- Add Shipping Details
- Make Payment

*Product Videos & Own YouTube Channel*
- Find Product video on product pages for demo/reviews of the product online.
- YouTube channel is a video collection of latest products and their benefits in smart workplaces.

*Product Comparison*
- Add Products to Compare
- All Model Get Compared Based On Their Specifications
We Provide consulting for digital marketing Solutions for Schools, Colleges, Banks, Departmental Stores, Govt. Agencies, Publishing Houses, Retail Marts & Showrooms at one place with wide range of product portfolio.Excited to launch exclusive solutions based combos(training+websites+digital marketing package) for specific industry soon.
We guarantee for all genuine services at nominal prices for latest products on our website

Smart Digital Platforms For Easy Doing Progress by Your Own Website.

The Magical Tool For Growing Your Business And For Attracting More Customers.

smart Energy Dynamic Website @ RS 15000 With Rewards Marketing Strategy


We are the Digital marketing and Website Development company in kota . Our KOTAPRIDE team is thankful to all customers for their support and cooperation.
We have All in one Digital media Advertising solutions.
We are providing some Promotional services for growing your business and market network Locally and Globally.
Thanks and regards

Digital marketing In kota
Social media marketing In kota
facebook Marketing In Kota
instagram marketing In kota
Google ads
website development
Bulk sms Marketing in Kota
email marketing in Kota
classified adverting
Online Listing in kota



@Rs.1,00,000 for per annum yearly


Subject- online smart focus digital marketing campaigning packages locally or globally with Dynamic featured energic website.

Thank you for your inquiry

Respected sir/Ma’am

In focus digital advertising  package we provide:

• Website Development and Designing (1 Domain Name)

• Hosting Distribution (10 G.B hosting space on Linux Server)

•5 Business Mail Id’s for your company or representatives.

• Website Promotion (Analytics, keywords, reviews of customer and content)

• Website Security ( SSL, timely checking of site for spam)

• Google Ads

• Search Engine Ranking of your business profile and website (SER)

•Affiliated and Referral Marketing

• Paid Advertising services on social media.

  • Online advertisement with city searching
  • Website Promotion with contents
  • Website Promotion with contents
  • Reviews on Google and social media.
  • Updates of business website and listings  time to time

• Marketing by Online Listing and classified ads on other search engines (MOLCA)

• Classified listing on local search sites of your products, services, festivals offers and other special facilities.

• E-Mail Marketing ( sending promotional content of your company to filtered customer by business mail )

• Smart Mobile Marketing Strategies ( sending your business profile to filtered number data base as per marketing needs )

a) Bulk SMS Marketing on mobile data of your clients data base.

b) All digital social media apps  Marketing

c ) IVR/Toll free Marketing ( your business replies and spells automatically

• Paid Social Media Campaign ( your business posts with offers images will be promoted city wise on timely requirements)

a) Face Book Marketing (posts on pages, groups category wise, page promotion paid)

1. special classified display ads campaign with links on all local and global networks.

* Impression marketing by attracting other businesses and for b to b promotion on high traffic online platforms.

* Expansion strategy by digital transformation with smart skills.

* review marketing management system with all survey reports.

* Free Post in every 10 days, and 30 days with social media pages maintenance

b) Positive reflection marketing with all specialities  of your product, services and brands.

c) Motivational marketing strategy to target cuatomers through you display ads.

d) Video Marketing by sharing your promo and products videos through links. ( YouTube, Facebook Live, instagram live and other local network media’s as per requirement)

• kotapride Special Promotion Campaign Through

1.Expansion Marketing – Expanding business by increasing your reach of area

2.Magnetic Marketing – By Attracting more and more clients.

3.Influencer Marketing – using review method to gain customer trust.


Our kotapride services:

SEM – Search Engine Marketing By Using keywords.

Make your online business profile (OBP).

DAS – Digital Advertising Services

KAS – Kotapride Advertising Services

OCM – Online Classified Marketing

ISM – Internet Search Marketing

KWS – Kotapride Web Services

Reviews on Google and Social Media

Online Global Marketing Strategy (OGMS)

Keywords and Analytics tools


Terms And Condition

1. 15 days / weekly reports will be provided as per the need of client

2. Full support in Website maintenance as per package Duration( 3 and 12 month)

3. All campaign and ads are subjected to approval from client/representative after that only final campaign or ads will be displayed online.

4. For initiating the project 50% of the payment has to be deposited in advance and full payment after 15 days of advance payment.

5. DLT registration and SMS header creation will be strictly as per the government rule and regulation. 6. Confidentiality: All the information provided by the clients will be kept confidential with us.

7. For the purpose of Marketing online special accounts need to be created in name of the business and login credentials of the same will be shared with the client/clients.

8. In Case of Changes in Services by digital platform providers, same will be communicated to the client(s) by E-mail.

9. Any content provided by client, deviating from government guidelines and polices are prohibited.

10. Any Changes to be done in project has to be informed by the Client(s) well in advance.



Kotaprideteam, also provide some special branding strategies for clients at their personal likes

1.Adding content to the website where web traffic is very high.

2. Website maintenance for 2 Months(Extra) other than Package Duration

3.Also We help to collect Leads from various sites and pass the same to the client(s).

4.Adding of Content on Face book groups, Whatsapp Groups, twitter, LinkedIn groups from our side. 5.Advertisement on YouTube channels of our team on periodic intervals.

6. Promotion of product and services on area, city, region, state wise as required to generate more and more leads



  • To grow your customer data base locally & globally.
  • To explore your specialities and qualities of your business profile.
  • To search customers as per your targets.
  • Giving positive results to all over customers.
  • To create better communication platform and bridge between you and your customer digitaly.



Thanks and Regards
(A Unit of
For price and any query call us on :- 9828036274
Email us:
Address: – 621,1st floor Mukesh plaza Dadabari Kota


Bank Details
Bank Name: Andhra Bank
Account No: 180511100001006
A/c Holder Name:
A/c Type: Current
IFSC Code:ANDB0001805


Our Company Registration Details
EM Number- 080302100997
UAN Number- Rj24D0003215
BR Number -8006030046000459


Convert your Dream into Brand through Special Marketing Campaigns.

Thankful to all customers for their intrest and trust in over focus digital marketing strategy. Over team will work honestly to grow your business world wide and all ways support your business in competive market.

web site development In Kota | Website design in Kota | app Development In kota

Website design and development in kota rajasthan.

Kota pride is a digital marketing company in kota providing it’s services in the field of website development also.

We at kota pride believe that a website is a complete online store of a company where an individual can know all the details of a company related to it’s services and products.

In today’s world website is not just a website of your business but an important tool in this field of digital marketing to get your business moving to the new heights.

At kota pride we offer website design and development of:

*Static Website
*Dynamic Website
*E-Commerce Website

also kota pride provide maintenance of it’s client website and services through out the year free of cost. With our web design and development you will get

*Full responsiveness
*Latest user interface
*best user graphics designs
*eye-catching designs relevant to the products
*secure website with SSL
*24X7 support
*Professional service with past experience of several years

We believe at Kotapride believe that Once a customer is always a customer and customer services are our top priority.

For More Details Contact

Thanks And Regards
A Leading Digital Marketing Company In India
Call Us :- 9828036274
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Our Services
Bulk SMS Marketing || Whatsapp Marketing || Website Degining And Development || App Development || Email Marketing || Voice Call Marketing || Facebook Campaign || SEO
All Digital Marketing Services…

Promotion For Real Estate Builders And Dealers
Online Marketing for Property Dealers, Builders for selling flat Apartments And Villas in Kota , Bundi, Baran , Jhalawar,Jaipur and in all Hadoti areas of Rajasthan .

Go Online & Grow Your Business By Digital Marketinmg services in Kota
digital kota Pride in Kota

We Are Leading Digital Marketing Company in kota
Advantage Of Digital Marketing in real estate

Digital Marketing In kota
Social Media Marketing In kota
facebook marketing in kota
instagram Marketing in kota
Ism – Internet search Marketing in kota
OBP – Online Business Profile

Real Estate Promotion In Kota
Online marketing in Kota
Social media Marketing in Kota

* Our services
* facebook Marketing in kota
* instagram marketing in kota
* google ads
* Email Marketing In kota
* google adsense
* Bulk sms Marketing
* Kota Best Digital Marketing In kota
* digital marketing In kota
* Classified adverting in kota
* Local Website Listing
* Social media networks
* Online Free Listing

* Increased Brand Recognition
* Improved brand loyalty
* More Opportunities to Convert
* Higher conversion rates
* Increased Inbound Traffic
* Better Search Engine Rankings
*Richer Customer Experiences
*Improved Customer Insights
*Low Cost

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