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Aarti Natural Stone Industries kota

Indian sandstone is a sedimentary rock. Composed essentially of quartz grains cemented by siliceous, felspathic, calcareous, cementing matters.Sand stone is the youngest of the quartz. Based stone, which eventually turn into quartzite as the sandstone is subjected to heat and pressure. All over product are suitable for residential and commercial use.But specific stone such as , sand stones and lime stones. Our collection of sandstone flagstone pavers. Come with a stunning and distinctive look.If you are for a natural stone than exudes classic beauty in the most subtle way. Available products:- Wall stone , Natural stone, Steps, Buff, Rainbow, Teakwood, Fossil mint, Kandlagray, Kota blue, Brown, Honey, Sagar Black,Cuddapah black, Rajgreen, Chocolate( mandana) , Agra red, Panther, Raveena, Sandstone, Gvaliar mint sandstone, Lalitpur yellow sandstone, we are manufacture and supplier of these product . Our natural stone product are sourced from around the globe, making it easy for you to stock a range of product and cater to your customer needs.
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Product: –







7.Pool coping stone

Random flag stone
9.Saqure cut pavers

10.-Edge Coping

11.-Steeping stone


13.-Stone Circles

14.-Tumbles step

15.-Piller Caps

16.-Splitface veneers

17.-Fire pit

18.-Bullanose coping


Sand stone :-
1.- Buff

2.-Double colour

3.-Kandla gray

4.-Fossil mint



7.-Sagar black

8.-Autumm brown



10.-Lalitpur yellow

11.-Dhalpur beige





Lime stone :-
1.-Kota blue

2.-Tandur yellow

3.-Kota brown

4.-Tandur blue

5.-Kadappa black

(5) Granite:-All type granite available as per customer needs.

(6) Cobbles Stone :-

a.- Buff



d.-Multi colour
Product: -1.Sandstone2.Limestone3.Slate4.Basult5.Granite6.Cobbles7.Pool coping stone8. Random flag stone9.Saqure cut pavers10.-Edge Coping11.-Steeping stone12.-Raiser13.-Stone Circles14.-Tumbles step15.-Piller Caps16.-Splitface veneers17.-Fire pit18.-Bullanose coping(1) Sand stone :-1.- Buff2.-Double colour3.-Kandla gray4.-Fossil mint5.-Modak6.-Rajgreen7.-Sagar black8.-Autumm brown9.-Mandana10.-Lalitpur yellow11.-Dhalpur beige12.-Rainbow13.-Teakwood14.-Panther(2) Lime stone :-1.-Kota blue2.-Tandur yellow3.-Kota brown4.-Tandur blue5.-Kadappa black(5) Granite:-All type granite available as per customer needs.(6) Cobbles Stone :-a.- Buffb.-Grayc.-Mintd.-Multi colour

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